I stopped the search...

by Kelly
(NW Oregon)

Product: Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

Subject: Phonics Instruction

Levels Used: Pre-K - 2 (My 2yo does it with no problem and I've used it on a nine year old for remedial reading instruction as well.)

Dates Used: 2007/2008 - Present


When this book came out I began to use it with my oldest son, now 12. He needed more reading instruction but already knew the basics. It goes well beyond the basic K/1 phonics program until the child is reading well into the 3rd grade level, IMO. It is thorough. I've used AlphaPhonics and 100 Easy Lessons previous to finding this book. Neither teach reading as well as this book.

It is very "open and go" for the teacher. It is well laid out. It has cute little rhymes to use or not to use. We didn't feel the need to buy any extras such as wooden letters, flashcards, etc.

It equips the parent to easily teach. Reading can be a scary thing to teach when you're starting with your first child. It includes phonics and the necessary words that can't be sounded out. It did NOT utilize any odd fonts or writing such as 100 Easy Lessons did that later had to be unlearned.

It is simple enough my 2 year old (almost 3) has learned all of her phonetic sounds. She just started sounding out simple three letter words last week.

So far I have taught or am currently teaching six children using this book. I have stopped searching... This is all I need to THOROUGHLY teach reading.

Dislikes: None. I'd love a hard cover book though... Mine is a little tattered at this point. :)

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