Interlock Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum

by Jenny
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Product: Interlock PreK/K curriculum
Subject: Unit Study
Levels Used: PreK/K
Dates Used: 2007/2008

This program uses the first 10 chapters of Genesis to teach Bible concepts, math, language arts, science, social studies, physical education, and art.

I absolutely loved this program! It taught concepts very well. My four year old grasped the information much better than his teenage older siblings, who were taught preschool and kindergarten with "traditional" homeschooling books.

My son enjoyed the hands-on approach, as we created projects, did physical education, and combined math, language arts, and science along with teaching the Biblical days of Creation. By the time we finished using the program, he could tell me about the solar system, his own body systems, the difference between mammals and non-mammals, Noah and the Flood, the days of Creation, and many other topics. Most of all, my son liked the program and asked to "do school" like the big kids.

The unit study contains reproducible pages for many of the projects and learning aids, so much of my research time was cut or eliminated by following the instructions as they were written.

I ended up using the kindergarten level for almost the entire year, because that level more closely matched my son's current skill set. By the time he was ready to sit down with a preschool program he'd already mastered many of the preschool skills. It was nice that I could move up to the kindergarten level and keep going.

Since this was our first attempt at "school work", I wasn't sure how my child would adapt to a hands-on curriculum, but he enjoyed it tremendously, and he especially liked the physical education sections that I thought he would just hate.

Dislikes: The program also contains music, which I did not use or treated as poetry. The book comes with a cassette, which was missing with mine when I purchased it used. Some of the songs, which were printed with notations like to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb, we used. Others we skipped.

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