Learning Language Arts Through Literature-Orange, 4th Grade

by Katherine
(Valrico, FL)

Product: Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Subject: Language Arts
Levels Used: Orange, 4th grade
Dates Used: August 2008 - Jan 2009 (we quit half-way through the year)

Likes: I really appreciated the "all in one" concept. Learning grammar, reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing etc in one place really saves time!

Dislikes: Since each of the levels are written by different authors, each one really stands alone. The orange (4th grade) teachers manual was only for those who already could teach the concepts autonomously. There was not a thorough explanation for the concepts presented. No 'behind the scenes' teaching tips. It only provided the same page as the Child's workbook and then the answers. So when my daughter took the first test I had no reasons behind incorrect answers. This made it very hard to gain a good understanding. Also, numerous times the page numbers did not correlate correctly to the Student workbook. This could easily be fixed with a revision and some good editing. It was just frustrating.

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