Little Hearts for His Glory

Product: Little Hearts for His Glory
Subject: 1st grade curriculum
Levels Used: 1st grade
Dates Used: April 2009-still using

I like their book choices. However, it isn't really complete for 1st grade unless you plan to continue with their curriculum. Each guide builds on the previous guide and grammar and such isn't touched until their 3rd grade guide.

It wasn't enough for 1st grade. I think it would be okay for kindergarten. The science was very weak and we had to supplement. There is no spelling for 1st grade or any type of grammar - even light grammar like a noun is a person, place, or thing. We are supplementing with First Language Lessons.

I love the A Reason For Handwriting and Rod and Staff Workbooks for fine motor skills, but doing 1 page and alternating every other day draws it out a lot and they are really simple so we are way ahead. The Singapore math is great too, but the hands on lessons that are in the teacher's guide aren't needed and are often babyish. We just use the instructions in our book.

The history section uses 2 spines from CLP but there is a huge section that is from the Family-Time Bible in the history section. This may not bother some people, but we aren't using the Bible portion of LHFHG (we do catechism instead) and I didn't buy the Family-Time Bible. I had no idea several units of history would be from it.

So in all, I use all the recommended books but am so all over the place in the guide and supplementing that it isn't even LHFHG anymore to make it more of a 1st grade curriculum.

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