LOVE Heart of Dakota!

by Georgette

Product: Heart of Dakota (HOD)

Subject: Bible, history, science, art, some LA....sugestions for math & LA or use your own choices.

Levels Used:Pre-K-K - Little Hands To Heaven,3rd-6th - Preparing Hearts For His Glory

Dates Used:8-2008-current

Likes:I really have been impressed with this program. My dc love it also. We are not bogged down with too much reading & the kids retain it much better. The crafts are easy & the kids love them. I enjoy them because they tie into what we are learning so they have a purpose.

It is very easy to implement & stay on track no matter what day of the week it is. With 4 dc & the youngest being 16 months old, I feel that it is important to have a curriculum that is doable. HOD has us DONE with ALL subjects at a reasonable hour! I can actually check off all my boxes!

I am going to be using only HOD for my next dc. My hunt is over & I feel complete with HOD. Try works for all types of learners & teachers. Check out the message boards for many other details of this great program!

Dislikes: I am very satisfied. I do not have any dislikes about this program. I only wish it went to a high school level! Hopefully, it will if the talented author decides to create a high school level.

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