Love Language Lessons for the Very Young

by Karen M

Product - Language Lessons for the Very Young - 1st Book
Subject - Language Arts
Level - Book 1
Dates Used - Used Sept 07 - June 08 - Now getting ready to start it again with another child.

Likes - I love how the variety of the lessons yet information builds through out the year and through out the other levels of Language Lessons. The short lessons were great.

This program is simple to use and because of the short lessons works well as a supplement to other material or as a stand alone product. We are using other things for phonics and spelling and this worked great with those.

My children really love the picture study pages. They use great full color artwork. I loved the gentle approach this books presents.

Dislikes - I only really had one dislike the Queen's Homeschool has already corrected. I didn't like the jump from one book to the other and how few books there were for the younger ages so you couldn't use it every year. But since we made our first purchased they have now more books to each level which makes moving through the program very easy.

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