Makes Math Fun and Simple

by Guinever
(Lexington, KY)

Product: Math U See
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
Dates Used: March 2006 to present

Likes: I can't say enough good things about this program. I wish I had found it sooner. Although initially made for the parents to watch so they can learn how to teach their kids math, the videos/DVDs are enjoyed by lots of kids, including mine. They laugh at Steve Demme's antics.

I like the mastery approach--don't move on until a concept is learned. We can quickly buzz through some skills and stay parked when concepts are harder to grasp. I like the timed drills online that the kids can do for extra practice and my kids like it too because they're on the computer. Also helpful is a worksheet generator if they need extra practice.

Built into each lessons are review problems so kids won't forget skills learned earlier in the year. I like this because there's not a lot of busy work. I like the no-nonsense math workbooks. No color. No distracting pictures. Just numbers and story problems.

The math blocks are great. I store mine in a fishing tackle box that I bought for under $5 and they fit perfectly.

Dislikes: The way long division in Delta is taught makes long division even longer than what is normally taught. The writing out of long division is just as long on top of the line as it is below the line. VERY strange. I'm not making my current student do that--maybe I'll try this again when my younger kids get to long division.

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