Math U See has been Wonderful for my Son!

by Theresa
(Manitoba, Canada)

Product: Math U See
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Primer, Alpha
Dates Used: 2008-09; 2009-2010

I love the way I can just watch the DVD together and I learn to teach it, and he is taught at the same time. The prep time is nearly none. My son learns in a tactile way so the blocks work great. Also, I like that he just figures out concepts before they're taught (like multiplication: 2 groups of 3 makes 6 is the same as 3+3...).

Math U See is very user friendly, family friendly and easy to use. The teacher manual has other activities and games included in it but I rarely use the teacher manual - only if my son doesn't understand a concept and needs more work on something.

Its also good because it teaches the spelling of the number words too, and includes word problems from the very start. My son doesn't know that word problems are supposed to be "hard", its just part of what he does.

I wish it covered more on time telling, and geometry in the early grades. More logic and pattern recognition would be good too.

You have to be ok with the fact that your child will not learn the same things as in public school - Steve Demme's order is quite different. I think that different is good - but I have to remind myself that technically my son hasn't learned subtraction facts (although he has absorbed them from his work) but he can read place value and do early algebra and public school kids cannot do that.

A great curriculum that we will continue to use next year! I'm glad that I found it from the start!

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