Math U See Review

by Christa
(Bath, MI, USA)

Product: Math U See
Subject: math
Levels Used: Primer-Beta
Dates Used: 2007-current

Likes: I am not math challenged, but I am not comfortable just winging teaching math to my children. This program is a fine fit for me, because my children watch the videos (they think the videos are too long - which is laughable since they rarely exceed 5 minutes), do the first page (of 6, usually), and I check to see they understood the concept. If so, we do 1 pg/day 'til the lesson is done, then take the test. If not, I go the teacher's guide for another way to explain the concept. I rarely have to do this.

We used the blocks a lot in Primer with my first child, but only on the first day or two of each lesson with my second child. Also, while my oldest likes using the blocks, she did not like coloring the pages after the first week of that - so I let her skip it.

Currently in BETA, if she demonstrates an understanding of a concept, and expresses that she doesn't need to practice it AGAIN, we skip it. Demme himself suggests this in the Teacher's Guide.

Sometimes my children work a few pages ahead - then take the next several days off "real math" and we play games instead or just enjoy the break. We never skip the word problems, though... my girls LIKE them!

Dislikes: The text is entirely in b&w, and therefore not particularly enticing visually.

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