Math U See to solidfy concepts

by Laura O

Product: Math U See
Subject: math
Levels Used: Primer - Zeta
Dates Used: 2005 - present

Likes: This program attacks concepts in such a way that the child focuses completely on one operation at a time with review of previous levels thrown in along the way. For my eldest son, this really helped him cement basic operations. MUS emphasizes mastery before progressing. This is why we choose this program after eldest had a terrible experience in a school setting where he didn't 'get' multiplication well before they started on division so that nothing made sense. Declining grades that year (from an A to an F!) only had him convinced that he couldn't do math at all. After three years of working with MUS he is finally getting his confidence back.

Dislikes: Unlike other math programs, MUS does not jump around between topics (e.g. going from basic multiplication to basic division to some geometry and then onto double digit multiplication,etc.) While I like the MUS approach better for the long run, it did mean we often hung out on more challenging lessons (e.g. multi-digit multiplication.) And, if you plan to have the kids take standardized tests the scores will reflect that they are not on the same scope and sequence of the 'regular' schools.

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