Math U See

by Renee

Product: Math U See
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Dates Used: 2005-2008(present)

Likes: My husband and I are math challenged and when we were first introduced to Math U See at a homeschool conference, we knew this was the program we could teach!

We started my daughter in Kindergarten, age 5, with the primer. She picked up math so quickly and really had a great time completing the lessons. We were amazed at how well she understood the math and why it worked. She also enjoyed Alpha. She struggled a little in Beta because she had to "think" a little!

We took some time away from lessons to learn the addition and subtraction facts by heart so she would enjoy math again. It proved to be successful. She has begun learning multiplication and is really having fun.

We also play a lot of math games, at least one a week to keep it fun and applicable. We may be shopping, on a field trip, helping Dad remodel, etc. My daughter is always catching me....Mom, we are doing math!

I also appreciate the word problems included with each and every lesson. They also introduce higher math symbols at the early stages...They won't be so scary or foreign to the students when they are used later.


I have heard some say there are not enough problems for each lesson. I disagree. If your child doesn't "get it" then stop and practice more...there are more worksheets available at Math U See online and online games are a fun way to practice. Busy work isn't necessary if they already understand.

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