Math U See

by Dawn
(Quiet Corner, CT)

Product: Math U See
Subject: math
Levels Used: Primer, Alpha, Gamma, Delta, Geometry
Dates Used: 2008-current

Likes: My first son has succeeded with Saxon Math, but my second son is a different type of learner and just couldn't get Saxon. Math U See is a perfect fit for him since it is multi-sensory.

I like how the whole set is affordable (under $100 for both student and teacher editions) and not an overwhelming huge book. I like how they are not grade levels by number. My kids have no idea what "grade" they are doing. I love the comb binding on the books. I love the manipulative blocks and how they are neatly stored. The support and website are very helpful. You can get more practice work on the website. The videos are short, but entertaining.

My first son (Saxon User) did the MUS Geometry over the summer and enjoyed it. This is the math program for our family now.

Dislikes: They are discontinuing the comb bindings and moving to hardcover.

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