by Nancy
(Melcroft, PA)

Product: Math U See
Subject: Mathematics
Levels Used: Introduction, Foundations, Intermediate, Advance (Classic Editions)
Dates Used: 2007-current

Likes: My oldest son hated Math and barely scored at a 3rd grade level on his 3rd grade standardized test. Seeing our frustration, a dear friend introduced us to Math U See and, for the first time, my son actually "got" Math! After working on it for six months, he scored at an 8th grade level in Math on his 5th grade test!

Both my boys are very visual and kinesthetic, so this is the perfect program for them. It includes manipulatives the kids can use to work out their problems which takes care of their tactile needs and DVD's (or VHS for the Classic Editions) which takes care of their visual needs.
Mr. Steve Damme shows the kids on the videos how to work out all the problems in a simple and entertaining way.

Another thing I like is that the program can be used from Kindergarten through High School. There are decimal inserts and fraction manipulatives which can be used for the higher grades (Algebra, Geometry, etc.). They have a very helpful staff who I can communicate with if we get stuck on something as well as online worksheets.

Dislikes: I wish they had more variety of online problems, such as fractions.

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