Math-U-See -- Tired of it.

Levels Used: Primer - Beta
Dates Used: 2007-2009

Likes: I like the manipulatives for the early concepts. My kids enjoyed learning the early concepts with manipulatives.

Dislikes: My oldest is tired of it. She doesn't want to keep messing with the blocks. She just wants to do her math.

I will probably use Primer & Alpha again with my younger ones, because I already have these manipulatives and they work well to teach addition and subtraction, but I'm looking for something else for my 3rd grader that uses other things to teach about besides just blocks.

I also think that at least for my oldest, that a mastery approach would be better than the basically spiral approach that MUS uses. I might come to a different conclusion with my younger ones. It might depend on a student's learning style.

I am not math challenged, so even though I purchased the videos, we rarely use them. At these early ages it is much easier for me to just explain the concepts and respond to my kids' questions.

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