Math-u-see works for me

by Heather

Levels Used:Primer,Alpha,Delta,Gamma,Epsilon
Dates Used:2003-present

Likes: Math-u-see presents math in more of a concrete manner. Children learn the why behind the math. They see why and how it works. I wish I had learned math this way. Math-u-see looks for mastery of a concept before moving forward. There are built in reviews. You can move at your own pace.

Dislikes: My 5th grade twin girls took an acheivement test this year and they were "behind" their grade level. This is because Math-u-see does not present the material in the same order as "traditional" schools. Math-u-see looks for mastery.

After seeing "how far behind" they were, I looked ahead to see if we would end up on the "rhght track" before high school and we should be completing Pre-Algebra in the 8th grade and they will start Algebra in the 9th. So it all washes out in the end.

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