McRuffy Press Mathematics

by Valarie L.
(Tynan, TX)

Product: McRuffy Press Mathematics
Subject: Math
evels Used: K, 2nd
Dates Used: May 2008 - presently

There are so many choices out there for a math curriculum. I had originally looked into Math-U-See but decided I wanted more traditional math program. When I found McRuffy Press I loved the look of it. It is a spiral method curriculum that is manipulative based.

The lesson plans are easy to follow and have light scripting which is easy to use. All of the materials needed are provided and listed in the beginning of the lesson plan. This is simply an open and start teaching curriculum.

The pace is slow and not overwhelming. Each lesson has a two page worksheet. There isn’t a lot busywork; which I like. There are periodic quizzes and tests.

I have called the company a couple of times and they are very friendly and helpful. It is less expensive that most math curriculums. FYI – the manipulatives are sold separately.

My only complaint is that there are not a lot of examples in the lesson plans so you have to make up your own or you can do what I do and pull a few problems from the workbook.

Overall – I am very happy with McRuffy and will probably continue to them for all of my children.

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