Mixed Feelings

by Kelly
(NW Oregon)

Product: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Subject: Phonics Instruction
Levels Used: K/1
Dates Used: 2001/2002 and again in 2005-2007

Likes: My oldest daughter learned to read easily and she reads well. Apparently the book DOES teach reading and, in the end, teaches it quite well. That said... Read on.

Dislikes: Why must it make a subject that is fairly easy & straightforward to teach SO complicated? At first I was tickled with the ease of teaching my child long/short vowel sounds thanks to 100 Easy Lessons little "cheats." Then we had to UNlearn them.

Frankly, after using this program and then another, I found this program unnecessary. Why not just teach them the RIGHT way to read from the very beginning? While I can't complain, my child DOES read and she is a strong reader, at the same time, it's unnecessary. Go with a different program that just makes better sense.

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