Mystery of History Volume 3

by Lisa
(Vero Beach, FL)

Mystery of History Volume III and the companion CD have provided our family with a beautiful learning experience as we explored the Renaissance through Reformation and Growth of Nations. As a teacher, I love the way Linda Lacour Hobar has provided well thought out and interesting activities for every grade level that include arts and crafts, research, composition, drama, and map making.

My two girls, ages 11 and 13, have loved the way Linda writes as if you were sitting in her living room and she were telling you a good story. She has done a beautiful job of bringing history to life through her narrative style of writing and selection of lovely artwork through out the book. Students are given a biblical worldview of world history and are acquainted with the culture of the times studied. With my two older students, I found that we had the opportunity to dive deeper into the key individuals and events discussed in the book through creative note-taking, graphic organizers and research reports and presentations.

While none of her content is objectionable, Linda is careful to set aside special paragraphs or commentary for content that may be pertinent or appropriate for only older students.

The timeline we created, which is a vital part of the curriculum, was a thing of beauty as we added our own personal touches to the cards.

We regret not having starting with Volume I and working our way through history with all three volumes, and we are disappointed that Volume IV has not yet been released. If it were, when I purchased the companion materials, the format I would choose would be the book rather than the cd so I would always have the activity list at my fingertips instead of having to print or view them on the computer.

Overall, a great resource for single or multi-age study, it is worth every penny I spent.

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