New to Math U See

by Shelly
(Woodworth, LA)

Product: Math U See
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Elementary through High School
Dates Used: 08/09 - present

Likes: Math U See has been the most wonderful thing since I started homeschooling. My daughter is in 7th grade and has trouble doing math on a 3rd grade level. She has a condition called Discalculia. I pulled her out of public school because of the math issue, as she couldn't get any help from her teachers. I had no idea how I was going to teach her math since college graduates couldn't do it. She did the first 10 lessons in Gamma in the first day...with a smile!

She now enjoys doing math because she is a very hands on learner and Math U See is all about hands on. She told me she "gets it" now. I LOVE the program.

Dislikes: I've talked to parents that have used it and don't like it and it seems to be that whenever children are gifted in math, that the program is not challenging enough for them. I think Math U See is more for beginners in math or children that just have a hard time understanding the concepts.

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