Now U-See it, Now U-Don't

by Sue T.


Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Pre-Algebra, Algebra.

Used for the past 10 years.

I have used M-U-S extensively with fantastic results. I have started 3 kids out with Alpha and happily carried them through Zeta. The results were that I had three kids who didn't whine when it was math time, actually learned mathematical concepts and why they worked instead of memorized steps and found that my children were volunteering to show off their math skills on a daily basis. Alpha-Zeta were WONDERFUL resources in my home.

And then we got to Pre-Algebra. It was like we hit a brick wall. We struggled through it, thinking that my oldest simply didn't have a 'math mind' but Algebra wasn't any better. Eventually, I changed programs in high school. I had begun to worry that for all the fun we'd had in Alpha-Zeta, that maybe it wasn't "enough," but switching to another Algebra program quickly laid my fears to rest. My son WAS indeed ready for Algebra, he just didn't thrive with M-U-S Algebra. A little online study proved that I wasn't alone. Parents all over the planet LOVE Alpha - Zeta but have serious concerns with M-U-S's upper Maths.

Another serious downfall of M-U-S is their PRICE. It's a hefty start-up price when you purchase everything you need. I can say with confidence that it IS worth it. Having a resource that instills a LOVE for Math in grades 1-6 is worth the price, but I can't recommend the higher maths.

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