Phonics Pathways

by Carletta
(McKinney, Texas)

Phonics Pathways is a program that can be used to teach reading to individuals as young as ages 4-6 all the way to adult.

The book teaches phonics and spelling rules and also suggests writing from dictation. It is a simple program that can be used without flashcards, worksheets and time-consuming activities.

Phonics Pathways introduces sounds one at a time, beginning with short vowels. It then moves to blending, and quickly progresses to having students read real words and two-word phrases. It gradually builds to having students read longer and more complex sentences.

The program contains simple lessons and easy to follow instructions that tell you exactly what to say and do. Lessons can be completed in 10-15 minutes per day, and require no prep time.

Students stay on the same lesson until they know the information thoroughly. Subsequent lessons build on that which was taught previously.

Phonics Pathways is meant to be used daily. Its black and white pages contain simple illustrations and proverbs that encourage good character.

I reviewed a copy of Phonics Pathways from our local library. It is a sound, easy to use program that is great for all ages!

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