Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons - LA a CM way!

by Vicki
(Archie, MO)

Primary Language Lessons and Intermediate Language Lessons
Used Since 2006

I love this program! Took me awhile to get the hang of it. Rainbow Resource sells a teacher's manual that was VERY helpful in understanding the process. Living Books Curriculum sells a workbook form that I would LOVE to try!

I love the Charlotte Mason elements included in the language arts program: Dictation, copywork, short lessons, picture study and no twaddle! Wonderful resource! I found myself tweeking some things for my 2nd grade son as it can be a little intense for that age group. I think that it's better used for 3rd grade and up instead of starting in 2nd grade just to keep the habit of perfect execution in things like dictation and longer copying.

My daughter tested this year after finishing Primary Language Lessons part 1 and 2 and Intermediate Language Lessons part 1 and is at grade level or above in all areas! Very excellent book!

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