Primary Language Lessons

by Carie
(Wheeler, IL USA)

Product: Primary Language Lessons
Subject: Grammar
Levels Used: grades 2-3
Dates Used: several years previous, currently using

Likes: I love the Charlotte Mason approach to grammar. Primary Language Lessons makes grammar understandable and not scary at all. Each lesson is short, sweet and to the point. The book contains copywork, dictation, picture lessons, observation lessons, letter writing as well as more traditional "fix this sentence" type activities.

Almost all of the exercises can be done orally if your child is allergic to a pencil like my first son is. He wrote out his lessons so rarely that he didn't even fuss when I assigned a writing lesson. He enjoyed the short stories and the picture lessons.

My second son also enjoys Primary Language Lessons and tends to write more of the lessons. That is the great thing about this, you can custom tailor it to YOUR child.

Dislikes: None really. I would prefer spiral binding, because it is hard to keep the book open when the student is doing copywork, but that is easy to fix.

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