Pros and Cons of Math*U*See

Product: Math U See
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Foundations of math(now primer,alpha,beta) Gamma,Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Pre-Algebra
Dates Used: 2000-2009

Likes: I enjoy using Math U See because it breaks math down into an easy to understand subject. I have done each book up to Pre-Algebra which I am working in right now and I have an extensive knowledge of math because it was presented to me in an excellent form. Also, having the hands-on accessories such as blocks and overlays helps to solve the problems as well. Another bonus about Math U See is the video. When trying to learn something new I can plug in the video and stop/start it whenever I need so that I can understand it all and learn it at my own pace.

Dislikes: Among the many pro's of Math U See since nothing/no-one is perfect there must be a downside. Sometimes Math U See seems so simple that you forget to reinforce it. One thing that would be nice is if there were extra problems with a higher difficulty level for some students who are academically ahead.

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