R.E.A.L. Science Life Science

by Melissa L.
(Attleboro, MA, US)

As a Chemist, I am very particular about the Science programs that I use with my children. I need the programs to have enough labs to keep the children interested, but I also need the curriculum to follow in a logical order that helps my children make connections from one day to the next.

In my opinion, R.E.A.L. Science Life fits this bill perfectly. It contains just enough written information to provide a nice background for the children at an age-appropriate level. The program is laid out in an order that does not randomly jump from topic to topic, but rather proceeds logically from one step to the next. There is also plenty of hands-on lab work. The labs are easy to accomplish with simple materials that are easy to find.

This is a great all-around program that can be used with children in the early elementary years (K-4). It can be used with both readers and non-readers, since there is very little writing, and what writing there is can be dictated to the parent scribe.

This program is neutral as far as Christian or World Views. Evolution is not discussed, nor are any Christian themes.

LIKES: Lots of easy hands-on experiments. Lessons are put together in an orderly way. Can be used by multiple ages at the same time.

DISLIKES: Some of the labs require live animals, which may be difficult for some parents to find (although Pandia Press does offer very handy links for finding these resources right in their book).

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