Review of Right Start Mathematics

by Jennifer
(Huntsville, AL, USA)

I have been using Right Start Mathematics Level B and Level C books and manipulatives for my oldest child (used Level B in 1st and 2nd grades-2008, 2009; currently using Level C for 3rd grade-2010).

I think this program gives children a fantastic foundation in math fundamentals, especially in helping them grasp place value. The curriculum has lots of great hands-on visual helps (esp. the AL abacus) and an entire book devoted to math games. The games are fairly easy to learn and enjoyable. I purchased the math games kit and it has been very helpful; it includes games for learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, money, time.

The lessons are well written and easy to use, but do require one-on-one time with the child (which is difficult when schooling multiple children and entertaining toddlers).

One word of warning: the sequence of topics does not follow the typical math curriculum (and public schools); subtraction is delayed until ~3rd grade, in order to establish a better foundation in place value, adding multiple-digit numbers, etc. (which I like). However, sometimes the author does seem to bounce around between topics-I don't always understand why an addition lesson is followed by a money lesson, followed by a little geometry...etc.

Overall, I think it is a great program; but I would recommend reading other reviews on levels beyond Level C. You may want to begin with Right Start and then pursue other curriculum later. One more thing-I enjoy math a lot, but I have actually learned to add and subtract more quickly and I can do mental math much more easily after teaching Right Start!

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