Rightstart - The Most Well-Rounded

by Dana M.
(Shoreview, MN)

Product:Rightstart Math
Subject: math
Levels Used: A,B,C
Dates Used: Many years

Likes: I did a lot of research to find the "perfect" math curriculum - one that had enough repetition but also developed understanding. It seemed that every program needed to be supplemented. This is the best I have found combining Asian methods with Montessori. My kids ability to do mental math is superb. My boys prefer card games to worksheets. If your child is having difficulty in an area, you can find a game to play rather than further worksheet drills. Saxon, which I used on and off, really leaves a hole in the deep understanding compared to this program.

Dislikes: Nothing but it does require direct instruction - it is not a workbook to send your child off with. Some kids do not like the abacus. If that is the case, Math U See or Singapore would be the next best choice.

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