Saxon Phonics -K-

by Lisa
(Kansas City, MO )

Product: Saxon Phonics K
Subject: Phonics
Levels Used: Kindergarten
Dates Used:2010-2011 school year

Likes: Saxon Phonics is very user friendly, as a first time homeschooler I needed something that was easy to use and work with. Saxon Phonics was everything I needed to build my own confidence in home educating.

I purchased the curriculum new and received everything I needed for the whole year in the one set. I did not have to buy anything out side of what came, and anything extra I did need I had around the house.

My child has gone from not being able to read at all in September to reading the mini books in the curriculum alone with out help. Picture cards, and game cards enhance the lessons and my child learned while having fun and playing games.

The lessons are not too long and are broken up into sections to keep the lesson interesting and moving. The weekly assessments help me to see where my child needed more attention in one area and see where she was accelerating in another, which I think was key to her success, allowing me to help her out side of the lessons focus on things in day to day life that would help emphasize what was being taught.

Saxon Phonics has a great reputation and has exceeded my expectations as a first time home educator. I will defiantly use this with my next child!

Dislikes: My only dislike with the whole Saxon Phonics Kit, is it hasn't been updated since 1994, and there are some errors on the spelling cards that could be fixed easily. I also didn't like it came with a VHS and a cassette tape, which we don't have a VHS player anymore so the tape was never used.

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