Saxon Phonics

by Rebekah
(Kissimmee, FL USA)

Saxon Phonics
Levels 1 and 2
Used in 2002-03

I used this program to teach my son, who was 4 at the time, to read. I love how they use the flashcards and the repetition of the workbook pages to really drill the child in the teaching.

My son was reading words by the 4th lesson. He learned to read so quickly, I was amazed. Because of the way they teach to sound out words, I notice that to this day (he is 13) he still used the same methods to sound out a word he has never used or read before. This was so easy to teach and so easy to learn that next year I am going to start my daughter on it, when she turns 4.

I have recommended this product to many people over the years who have had the same great success.

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