Sequential Spelling was a life-saver!

by Kim

Product: Sequential Spelling
Subject: Spelling
Levels Used: Level 1 (so far! I love it!)
Dates Used: 2010-2011

Likes: Sequential Spelling will be part of my homeschooling for the rest of time! My daughter who was 8 when we started could barely spell. We had tried another curriculum and still she spent 3 weeks not being able to spell WAS. Then I decided to try SS. Within weeks she was spelling words like beginning. From not being able to spell was to spelling beginning? A miracle! And it has easily carried over into her other writings.

And it's all because Sequential Spelling doesn't teach spelling words, it teaches HOW TO SPELL. It teaches spelling rules. If you know that you double the N in begin to add ing you also know that you would double the P in rap to add ing. As they learn the patterns and they learn how to carry them over to other words, the entirety of their spelling comes alive in all their writing. I just don't have enough good things to say about SS.

Dislikes: There isn't a single thing I dislike about it. I think maybe some moms would prefer if the spelling rules were listed right there with each list but I don't mind at all.

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