Sequential Spelling

by Jennifer
(Edom, TX )

Product: Sequential Spelling
Subject: Spelling
Levels Used: Started with level 1 & now using 2.
Dates Used: 2007 to present

Likes: The book levels are not grade levels (ie: book 1 = grade 1). We started using Sequential Spelling half way into our school year in 2007. Other programs were not working and I was having to put a lot of work into preparing the lesson. The kids would learn the words, do good on a test and then forget how to spell the words after that.

Sequential Spelling is simply doing a spelling test every day. No list to memorize. Each day the words build until they are spelling large vocabulary words that would normally not be taught until higher grade levels. For this reason we started with book one. If your not sure about this program you can visit the makers website and download the first seven lessons for free and try it out. That sample is what convinced me to buy. I am finding that my girls are still spelling the words correctly.

Dislikes: Some of the words within a group are not used anymore or rarely used. So even I have to look up the word to know how to use it in a sentence. The kids think this is down right funny.

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