Singapore is a perfect fit for our family

by Kat
(Mesa, AZ)

Product: Singapore Math
Subject: Math
Levels Used: 1A/1B
Dates Used: July 2008-Sept 2008

Likes: I like that there is a colorful textbook that I can share between my children. I have two children that are working at the same level and it was really nice not to have to buy two textbooks. They love the workbooks too.

I also loved how cheap they are! We were going to use Math-U-See but decided to try this because it was so much cheaper. We have LOVED it and it was the best choice for us. The manipulatives would have been a pain for us to drag out each day and the kids are excelling at Singapore's way of teaching.

I guess it could be viewed as a negative that there are no hands on things. We just supplement with a little clock, dominoes, or money. It actually works well for us though....I like it!

Dislikes: I have not found anything I dislike really. I do wish the textbooks were a little more sturdy so they could look better for use with multiple children (at the same time or passing down), but this isn't anything major because they only cost $10 so I can just buy it again if need be.

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