Singapore Math

by Mary
(Plano, TX)

Product: Singapore Math
Subject: Math
Levels Used: 2A-4A

We use the workbooks and the Challenging Word Problems Workbooks. We have not yet used the textbooks or teacher's guides

Dates Used: 2006-2008

Likes: The workbooks rarely have more than 2-3 exercises on any particular topic before moving on, so they're really best for someone who needs very little repetition. There are extra practice workbooks, though, for those who need a little more time on a particular topic.

The Word problems in the workbooks (and especially in Challenging Word Problems books) require multi-step logical problem solving, and are not as formulaic as the word problems I remember having in school. They require good logical thinking, which is what I'm looking for in a math program. The books are inexpensive - less than $10 per book.

Dislikes: Because there is so little repetition in the workbooks, I found that I needed a separate program for memorizing math facts.

Notes: If you are switching from another math program, take Singapore's free online placement test. Their levels run differently than most American math curricula, and if you get the books at your student's current grade level, you might miss something!

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