Singapore Math

by Misti
(Burkesville, KY)

Product:Singapore Primary Mathematics
Levels Used: Early Bird, Primary Math 1A-6B
Dates Used:2000-2008

Likes:I have used Singapore with all my children starting in kindergarten with Early Bird books. I have my 5th child going through them now. My oldest completed all of Singapore through level 6B. It has caused him to be the most amazing math minded kid I know!

Singapore is VERY advanced and really teaches kids not only HOW to do math but to think analytically and outside the box. When my son finished Singapore 6B, he was able to jump to Algebra 1 in another curriculum....he was 2 yrs ahead of other curriculums!

It teaches them to do math mentally too, a way that I was never taught when I learned math. I'd say, as a 7th grader, my son is better in math than I am now, and I am a college graduate.

Dislikes:Once you hit 4th grade it becomes VERY hard and time-consuming for the parent if you are using the supplemental books like "Intensive Practice" or "Challenging Word Problems" They give you the answers but don't tell you HOW to solve them. They are VERY challenging sometimes and took a lot of my time.

If you only do the core curriculum and none of the challenging books, you will be fine, but if you have a math minded child, you will want to do those, but with lots of smaller children, it became too much for me, so I had to switch my oldest to another curriculum after 6B and my 2nd born I am switching after 4B because he's just not math minded.

If you want to raise math whizzes, Singapore can do it, but it takes time that you might not have if you have a lot of children.

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