Singapore Math

by Dorothy H
(Jacksonville, FL)

Singapore Math Earlybird K, 2A through 3A (US Edition)

After using another math program that drove me and my daughter absolutely crazy (way too much repetition), a friend introduced me to Singapore Math.

Last year, I started her at 2A (after taking the placement test they offer on their site). It is important to take the placement test if you are changing from another curriculum.

We are currently in Singapore 3A. She has thrived with this program. It has just enough problems for her to master the concepts. At first I got the Extra Practice books that supplement the workbooks--that was just too much for her. I have since stuck with the textbooks and workbooks.

The only problem I have with the program is also the reason I like it. There is not a lot of rehashing concepts. So if your child is having problems grasping a concept, you will need to find some way to work on that concept until it is mastered. For example, my daughter is having problems grasping her multiplication tables. So, I have set aside Singapore until she has mastered this concept or she will struggle with rest of book.

I have started my youngest with Earlybird Kindergarten. She is loving it. It has colorful pictures and just enough work to see if they have grasped the concept. You can do all the books in one year. Some of my friends have said they started using book 1A and 1B for their child's preschool, I did not.

She looks forward to math. I actually use math to bribe her to do other subjects.

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