Singapore Math

by Karen
(Slidell, Louisiana, USA)

I started my first child with 4b and worked to 6b. I like Singapore Math more than other programs because of its straight forward approach to math as well as visuals. I also like how it teaches how to do things in various ways and gives you the choice of which way you choose to use. There are not a lot of problems, so there is no need to do only the odd or even numbers like we do in other math programs. I find it teaches math without adding all the busy work.

I did notice that it does not teach roman numerals, which is usually taught in 5th grade or square roots until their middle school math series, New Elementary Mathematics. We started looking for supplements in 6th grade and used Saxon and K-12's Pre-Algebra A and B series, but we always came back to Singapore. My daughter understood math quicker and easier the way Singapore taught it.

In a day where kids in America struggle in math and our scores keep getting lower and lower, I suggest you find a math that works for your child. We will start doing Saxon next year because that's the math that is taught in our homeschool co-op, but if I had a choice, we would use Singapore.

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