Spell to Write and Read (and Cursive and Critical Thinking)

by Cathie
(Bloomington, MN USA)

Product: Spell to Write and Read
Subject: Spelling, Writing, Reading
Levels Used: ALL
Dates Used: 2004 - 2009

1) Comprehensive: Covers several subjects: Spelling, Writing, Reading, Cursive and Critical Thinking
2) Multisensory: Provides tips for teaching all learning modalities
3) Multigrade: The spelling lists and information can be used from PreK to 12th Grade as the spelling words used in the lists go to a college level.
4) Phonetically Based: In the program, there are no sight words. Each phonetic difference is explained, including words that don't fit into the 28 spelling rules and 70 phonograms that are taught.

1) Hard to get started: Overwhelming for new homeschooling parent to learn as there is a lot of information. Seminars are available and do make using the product go a lot faster.

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