Spelling Power Fizzled

by Karen M

Product - Spelling Power
Subject - Spelling
Levels Used - It's all one book
Dates Used - 2000

Likes - I loved the fact that it was one book for the life of the student. That it was non-consumable so that it could be reused with other children. I loved that the lessons took a short time per day.

Dislikes - We started out strong but once we got to the long vowel sounds which introduced the rule that long O can be spelled with 0_E, OA, OW, etc. it fell apart for my son.

Because the words were introduced that covered all these examples he couldn't seem to figure out which letters represented the sounds in each word. Even using the study method as outlined in the program he became confused and frustrated.

He made very little progress through out the year and we dropped it the following year.

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