Spelling Power

by Samantha
(Round Rock, TX)

Spelling Power is a wonderful program. I am currently using it with my soon to be 10 yr old son. We have tried many other spelling programs in the past, but Spelling Power is the one that we will use from now on.

Spelling Power is one book that will accommodate grades 1-12+. Nothing further to buy. It focuses on the words that your children can't spell. Not the ones they can. They follow the simple study tips on the words they missed during that days lesson. Each list has a spelling rule, for you or your child to write. Each lesson is either 5 minutes or 3-5 misspelled words. Each word is self corrected before going to the next words. Making sure that the wrong spelling is quickly out of the child's mind.

They use multiple learning styles to help the children remember the spelling of the words. They have the children picture the word, write the word in sand or air, and then have them test themselves.

I find that Spelling Power doesn't waste time with multiple busywork activities with words that the kids know. They can spend less time on things they know are more time on learning new words. I love this book and plan on using it with my next 2 children. I have never been so happy with a spelling program.

My only dislike is the notebooks that you can buy to accommodate the book. The lines in them are kinda weird. But I have only used the master copy sheet in the book itself, not the notebooks. I have looked at them in person though and I just don't feel they are necessary.

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