Tapestry is Easy to Use and Great for All Ages

by Melissa

Product: Tapestry of Grace
Subject: History- also Church History, Literature
Levels Used: Year 2, Grammar Stage
Dates Used: 2010-2011 School Year

Likes: Easy to follow and very complete. Not just one text is used. They outline many books to read from. Activities, writing assignments, literature and church history are all combined. Even covers major artists of the period. You can teach many children of different ages at once with this. Each week is laid out on a spreadsheet. There is also a text section for the parent to read and catch up with the information if they have not studied it before. This makes it possible to have good conversations about the information with older students.

Dislikes: At first it can be daunting. There are 4 thick binders for each year and lots of different looking pages. You will need a few days to sit down and look through it all thoroughly before beginning. There is also no spine text-- or any text-- with this. That is perfect for Mason/Classical homeschoolers, because you can choose from a broad range of resources they suggest. It does mean that you have to spend more money or make frequent trips to the library. A few books you use repeatedly throughout, so I bought those and checked out the rest. For a curriculum, plus books, it is quite expensive. However, you only have to buy it once.

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