Tapestry of Grace - Print Edition, Original & Redesign

by Kelly
(NW Oregon)

Product: TOG - full curricula Years 2 & 3
Subject: History/Lit
Levels Used: LG, UG, Dialectic, some Rhetoric
Dates Used: 2009-2011

Likes: Tapestry is a STRONG program. We loved that it is challenging. My favorite part of Tapestry is that with many children (8) we can all be studying similar time periods and subjects. The discussions are relevant to all the children, regardless of their ages. They use outstanding books. Their recommendations are truly top-notch. I like that they are not dependent on fiction for teaching History. I like the division between books in that you have choices between the "spines" and again in the supplemental areas.

The tabs are a must.

Extremely thorough.

I wouldn't call it dislikes. I'd call it being aware. Be aware that it is not an "instructor guide." It is not an open & go curriculum. This is intentional. This curriculum is a "one size fits most" curriculum in that it doesn't offer a "do this" exactly instructor guide. Each mama is free to customize the program to their children and week. It DOES require more time & hands on planning. If you are hoping to "open & go" don't. It will leave you feeling a little overwhelmed & lost. A little bit of planning is well worth the time & energy to use TOG.

I truly feel it is the best curriculum designed for family use in a large family or a family with a wide range of abilities and ages.

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