Tapestry of Grace Year 4 DE

Product: Tapestry of Grace Year 4 DE
Subject: Unit Study
Levels Used: Dialectic
Dates Used: 2011

We have finally found a history curriculum we love! I wanted to try this for so long, but hesitated because of the price. I am so happy I finally decided to give it a shot. It is well worth the money for our family, and we'll be using it again and again. I feel like we are definitely getting our money's worth. We did buy the DE edition, and while I was nervous, it has been great. I don't have a need for the print edition like I had originally thought. I found myself printing quite a few of the pages in the beginning, but found I didn't need but around 5-10 each week. (*I did spend the few extra bucks and have the Student pages (SAPS) mailed to me. I didn't want to worry about printing those or my son having to read them on the computer).

I want to respond to some of the negative comments I have seen about TOG:

* In regard to it being Christian or secular...it can be either! If you prefer a secular worldview, just omit the church history. There are also some discussion points that you'll need to skip over. I think that taught as written it gives a great Christian worldview.

* All of the books suggested in the redesigned are in print. I have been able to find most of them in the nearest two libraries. The rest I purchase used for cheap. You can also resell any books when your done with them.

* We have not found the activities to be geared towards only co-ops. Some of them are better in groups, but there are PLENTY of activities to keep us busy!

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