Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

by Jessica

Product:Teach your child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
Subject: Phonics/ Learning to Read
Levels Used: K
Dates Used: 2003, 2007-2008

Likes: An online friend recommended this book to me and I like it because it is an all in one program. No flashcards, extras, workbooks are needed. I found the book on ebay for a good price.

I like the simple format and that everything that I need to say is written for me. No prep, no scrambling for anything...you just pick up the book and read it with your child.

Dislikes: The book got quite hard for both of my children after about Lesson 25. With my daughter, I had to put the book away after Lesson 65 because we were having crying fits daily.

I was a little more relaxed with my son and we did NOT try to finish in 100 days like the book suggests. I started and stopped with his interest. We took a year to finish the book. He is now a pretty confident reader. Personally, he can still use some more review, but I think this is his issue and not the book's issue. We are currently reviewing with ELC workbooks to reinforce phonics rules.

I will use this book with my next two children but I won't ever finish the book in 100 days and we skip the handwriting altogether. I personally think it is too much.

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