Teach Your Child to Read...

by Tracy
(Lawton, OK)

Product: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 EZ Lessons
Subject: Reading
Levels Used: Kindergarten
Dates Used: 2010

Likes: Loved this program. Pulled my son from K4 in Mar 2010. He was not reading yet. This book, combined with Bob Books... and then Dr. Seuss etc.... and he WAS reading on a solid 1st grade level in 3 months. I can't say enough really good things about this book. We did 2-3 lessons a week and he read a small book to me twice a day morning and night every day... and it was awesome!

I know some don't like the "code" that 100 EZ Lessons uses to teach reading... like putting a line over the long vowels and making silent letters smaller type. BUT... the "code" did NOT confuse my son AT ALL. And I noticed he would read words like gave... and have... in the Bob Books CORRECTLY even though they did not have the code. And by the end of 100 EZ lessons, the code is gone. They wean them off it.

It is not a "complete" phonics program. It isn't meant to be. It is meant to get the child off and solidly reading and it does that! We went straight to Explode the Code book 2 (well, we use the Online ETC) around lesson 80 with no issues.

Dislikes: None.

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