The Price Isn't Right (Rosetta Stone)

by Sue T.

Rosetta Stone
Spanish 1-3

Rosetta Stone is multi-media immersion method of foreign language curriculum. The format is great! Colorful pictures that make sense eventually train your mind to associate pictures you understand with words you might not. In just a few months, you'll find yourself actually learning your foreign language! Rosetta Stone's format truly does what it promises as far as linguistics is concerned.

My problem with RS is HUGE. My dislike of this fantastic curriculum is the PRICE. It's astronomical. And not only does RS come with a MASSIVE price tag, it also comes with strings and fine print. Even after you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to purchase your RS curriculum, you don't really own it. As a matter of fact, you may only use that expensive curriculum 3 times before you have to buy it again. That means 2 kids and 1 computer crash is all you'll ever get out of that money spent. It's incredibly unfair in my opinion to charge premium prices for an item that you really never own.

Rosetta Stone does work, but there ARE other options out there that use the same format, boast the same success rates, cost a fraction of the price and let you own their product once you pay for it.

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