by Lea
(Mountains of New Hampshire)

Product: Tapestry of Grace
Subject: history, geography, Bible, literature, writing, spelling, art...

Levels Used: Year 1

Dates Used: 2008 (beginning this year)

Likes: Whew, where to begin? First off, learning history, chronologically, from a Biblical view, makes sooo much sense to me. The incorporation of geography, Bible, literature, writing, spelling, art, etc. just flows all TOGether into one great unit studies program.

As a Christian, how can you study history without studying the Bible at the same time? How can you learn about historical events without learning the geography along with it? How can you learn about historical people, places, and times, without reading literature? How can you learn all this, without writing about it, and learning spelling and vocabulary in the process? The icing on the cake are the activities. Making a salt map, dressing up as an Egyptian princess. What could be more fun?

Tapestry of Grace is loaded with ideas, that you can't possibly do them all. Unless you do a TOG year in two...and even still you're pretty busy! The support from the forums and yahoo groups is wonderful. Not to mention the helps on their website. I am so glad I found TOG when I did, so I can start my 1st grader off on the right foot!

Dislikes: None. I know some people get discouraged when they hear "how much work" TOG is. It's really not! There is alot in the curriculum, but you are supposed to pick and choose. Like the authors say, it's a buffet. You aren't *meant* to do it all! Pick what you like, leave the rest. Don't feel like you have to do it all!

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