TRISMS- Discovery of the Ancient World

by Billie
(Indiana, USA)

Product: TRISMS (with Institute for Excellence in Writing)

Subject: history, science history, composition, art history, architectural history, humanities, literature, geography, multi-cultural studies, critical thinking, biblical history, writing

Levels Used: DAW (Discovery of the Ancient World)

Grade: 9th/Freshman

Dates Used: 2008 (We're new to it, but LOVING it)

Likes: Encourages independent study and helps prepare your student for college in that way, low parent envolvement, teaches WHAT to research, covers most basic subjects.

Dislikes: Some of the recommended reading in the first few units is hard (if not impossible) to find.

Last year with a son who was ready to start high school, yet 4 more elementary students we began to research high school curricula. We had tried the text book method but were quickly burnt out and bored with it and I simple didn't have the ability to teach 5 students each day a SEPARATE lesson for each and every subject. So, it was essential that I find something that required minimal parent involvement.

We had switched to unit studies to help alleviate this problem, but most unit studies stop at grade 8 or earlier. I didn't think I could teach TWO unit studies at a time (one for my oldest and one for the younger kids) anyway!

I went online and started searching use the key words that covered what I felt was essential to our style of homeschooling: "unit study" "chronological history" "high school" "independent study".... and it wasn't long before I stumbled onto the TRISM website. I read through it and was almost instantly sold.

I called my oldest son over and had him read through it with me and he started getting excited and begging me to get it for him. The 'independent' part especially appealed to him. He was getting bored with the elementary level material and having to wait on everyone else before he could move on.

We ordered it and it came in the summer and he couldn't hardly wait to begin!

The curriculum is laid out in units that are about 2 weeks in length. Everything that they should do in that 2 weeks is outlined on a chart for each unit. They are not fixed to a day by day schedule though, and are free to choose the order in which they accomplish those tasks. This freedom is a big hit with my son! He works independently and compiles everything in his coursebook which I can look over at the end of each unit... or whenever I choose to check up on him.

This is a GREAT curriculum especially for a motivated and/or advanced learner! But I can see where it could work well to encourage other kids to become more independent. (What teen doesn't love having more control in his day to day life?)

Students will need to have separate curriculums for math, science, and electives.

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