TRISMS- Expansion of Civilization

by Jennifer Z
(New York)

Product: TRISMS
Subject: History
Levels Used: Expansion of Civilization
Dates Used: 2008

Likes: Generally, I don't like to review a product that I have only used for a short period of time, but I would like to share my general impressions of TRISMS. We have only completed two units so far. I like the research aspect of the curriculum. I like that the child needs to think to find the answers to the questionnaires.

Dislikes: By the same token I also dislike the research aspect of the curriculum. I feel that it is too open ended. We have already studied one cycle of chronological history using Story of the World. I was hoping for my son's high school experience to be a more indepth study of what he has already learned. He is frustrated. He doesn't actually feel like he is learning anything or at least anything new. He used to love history. Now he tells me that it is his least favorite subject. I truly feel that the lack of some sort of spine is what is missing for us from this program.

The open ended maps are sometimes difficult to complete because they don't always compare in scale to the resources we have. I also do not care for the program being tied into the IEW. We do not have this writing program. It is not a program that I ever intended to buy. I do use my own writing curriculum, but it makes this program feel a little disjointed.

Finally, I have to address the price. For what you get, I believe it is very, very expensive.

We have decided to try to use Streams of Civilization as a spine and branch out from there. I am hoping that I can still make use of parts of TRISMS for this year. Next year we will be using something different.

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