by Debby
(Roanoke, Virginia)

This is our first year homeschooling and we selected the TRISMS History Makers volume for our 7th grade son after reviewing other curriculums. We started September 7, 2009 through now.

I like to call this a 'classical light' approach and am appreciative that the parent and child can easily adjust the curriculum to go as quickly or slowly as desired on each subject. It is easy to individualize other topics of interest within the time period being studied. As an example, my son loves to cook, so for each lesson thus far he has researched a historical recipe for the period and made it.

The real proof of the value of this curriculum, though, has been through our son. He has been very motivated with the suggested reading books and movies and in completing the lesson plans. For him, the work integrates a subject he does not like as much, writing, with a subject that he loves, history.

We've also been extremely impressed with the level of support provided by the TRISMS staff and by the other users at the Yahoo! group. We opted to spread this volume over 7th and 8th grade years.

The only negative I have found has been with the integrated writing course through Institute for Excellence in Writing. Although the DVD's are helpful, they are nothing short of very boring. Nonetheless, TRISMS strikes a nice balance with incorporating the IEW curriculum. I enthusiastically recommend TRISM to all homeschoolers!

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