We fell in love with Apologia!

by Jana
(Woodinville WA USA)

Product: Apologia Young Explorers
Subject: Science Zoology 2
Levels Used: 2nd-3rd grades
Dates Used: '07-'08 & '08-'09

Likes: We loved this book!! I read aloud to the kids so even my 5 year old listened in and learned right along with the older kids. It's well suited to a family science approach if your kids are all grade school level. My kids developed a true love for marine life and couldn't stop talking to everyone about sea creatures.

I liked that the supplies list for the year is laid out in the first few pages so you can easily buy everything you need up front and not be caught unprepared for an experiment. The experiments were easy to do for the most part and made the point well.

I do think this book really lends itself well to teachers who like to teach. I recommended it to a friend who found Apologia boring and difficult to use but she likes curriculum that she can hand her son and leave him to it. She doesn't want to be bothered with experiments or learning journals. Your child needs to be closer to 5th-6th grade level if you plan to hand them the book and let them go to town on their own.

Dislikes: I admit that one thing I didn't like about this book is the poor quality photos. The publisher needs some help with graphic design.

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